Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015 SQUAD

Hi Squad!
I hope y'all are enjoying you're primavera and this Easter season! 
MonteBello had another top notch week.  It's starting to heat up here in Sin City! 

This morning we did a "Thor" workout with all of the priests in our ward.   They were so dead by the end so that was pretty funny.  Shoutout to Elder Thorne for helping me start to get in better shape! That dude is a genius! 
getting these guys in shape... me too

Two exchanges this week, 1 with Los Feliz companionship and the other with the Zone Leaders.  With Loz Feliz, Elder Constantino and I had a pretty cool experience in their area on Tuesday.  It was in the middle of the afternoon, and we had already visited all of the people we had planned and no one was there… so we went to this apartment complex and there was no one outside at all.  So before we got out of the car, we prayed that there would be people to talk to and that we would see a miracle.  Right when we got out of the car people started coming out of their apartments so we had a lot of people to talk to and then after, in the neighborhood we saw a garage open so we went to see if there was anyone in there to talk to... no one there, but then we went to another garage down the street there was this older couple in there.  They weren't interested but they said their neighbors might beJ so we knocked on their door.. no one there. So we were walking back to our car and there was this lady who just got home and Elder Constantino was like, "this lady is the reason we're here" and we started talking to her and then she looked at our name tags and said, "ELDERS?!?! I haven’t had you guys over in 6 years!" She has been taught before by missionaries but she moved and lost communication.  She let us in and we began teaching her. So now the Los Feliz elders are teaching her and she is reading the Book of Mormon! #buckets
ŸThen Elder Anderson came to my area for an exchange on Thursday so it was two white boys running the area #whiteboysmakenoise

ŸA priest and I were out walking in a neighborhood last night and we started talking to this guy who was grilling. He fed us chicken tacos and gave me this pepper to try.  I was crying the rest of the night cause it was so spicy but he said that when his wife gets back he will come to church with us.  
ŸYou know you are in a Spanish Ward when... a little girl is drinking a bottle of horchata during church. I was so jealous. 

ŸWe had a family of investigators come to church on Sunday and one of their boys is in primary age so i was taking him to primary but his primary teacher wasn't there so Elder Yoshida and I taught their class.  Those ninos were crazy! 

ŸWe had interviews with President Snow this week! I know I've said this before but that man is a spiritual giant and I learn so much from him! Our interviews are really short but I love the time I get to talk to him. Also a special shoutout to Sister Snow for giving a great training on how to lead music! I'm coming for you Abby!

Ÿalso BREAKING NEWS our mission is officially getting ipads on May 20th! Elder Donaldson will be coming (the mission president of the mission who had "The District" videos that Dad and I love) and also maybe Elder Bednar and Elder Russel M. Nelson might come too! I am so hyped for that.

ŸEveryone look for Michigan St.'s point guard Tum Tum Nairin on TV in the Final Four! That is one of Elder Thorne's best friends. 

ŸOk dagum are y'all stoaked for General Conference this week?!?  The hype is real here on the mission.  Listen closely and receive your own personal revelation! This is going to be better than the Final Four I promise! Tune in on BYUtv this Saturday and Sunday! 

Love you all! Follow the Prophet!
Elder Faldmo

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