Monday, July 13, 2015

Taking care of TRANSFERS... July 13, 2015

Hey guys just another quick email, 
this week was nuts!!! We had 27 missionaries leave and 25 come in and had to get up at 3:30 AM to take the first group to the airport... but it was a good time! 
Here's Elder Sawyer and I with a great group of missionaries that were about to go home
Return with Honor

Explaining lots of things to our new group

Object lesson and making a fire
There is a
bunch of really good missionaries that came in. I'm so exhausted but it's all good, if I wasn't exhausted there would be something wrong! It was fun to give trainings to the new missionaries and get to know them in the mission home. Also, S/O to Sister Snow for making the best food on transfer days! 
Here's our new group in President & Sister Snow's backyard practicing street contacting

Here's our whole new group of greenies:)

We're teaching this amazing person name Maria she's so solid. She's a single mom with 2 little kids. She should be getting baptized next week!

When we were going to pick up the new missionaries, I was driving a huge 12 passenger van and Elder Sawyer was driving the truck with a enclosed trailer on the back for all of the luggage and we went to go in the short term parking and the trailer was too tall for the clearance and so Elder Sawyer had to back all the way back down the ramp with a trailer!! President and I went with the MSTLs to get the
new missionaries and so we just timed it right where we got their luggage and then hurried to the departing line and threw the luggage in the trailer when Elder Sawyer met us all there. I felt like I was house boy in Harry Potter without Elder Sawyer with me weaving all of the missionaries through the airport. We finally got to the mission home and after we trained them on a few things and had them do some paper work, they passed out on the couches:)
The NLVM Airport Transport at your service
Hope you guys had a good week! Elder Faldmo

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The 4th of July: July 6, 2015

Hey guys just wanted to send you a quick email...
I don't have much time to write this week but I'm getting transferred back to Warm Springs (right next to my 2nd area) 

I'll be serving with Elder Sawyer from Montana and he lives right by Flathead Lake! He's such a stud!
We had a sweet activity we did for the 4th of July. We went to a park and set up a booth where we had a professional photographer camera. Families could come and we would take a family picture of them and after they gave us their address so the sisters can develop and print the pictures and we will deliver the pictures to the families this week and share a message about families. We also had missionaries out with their iPads seeing how many selfies they could get with random people and inviting them to take their family's picture at our booth. Something else
was that a Sister missionary who is really good at the violin come and played patriotic songs for more people to enjoy. All in all it was good and we got 55 referrals of people who will contact this week.
Sample of the missionary July 4 selfie in the park

I'm really going to miss Elder Rockwood!

Have a great week!

Elder Faldmo

Sister Snow and President Snow at the head of the table with a few of us at Red Robin

Happy Birthday Abby & 'Merica! June 29, 2015

Hey Fam. 
First of all I want to wish my cute sister Abigail Faldmo a happy 18th birthday on Sunday! Stop growing up!
We had a great week again. 
One of the coolest lessons we had this week was with Paul. His kids are recently baptized and right as we started one of lessons this week he told us that his doctor told him some things about the church that he had never heard before. They were all false and he was really worried because he has been praying really hard for his answer and wasn't sure if that was an answer to his prayer or a test? We were able to resolve his concern and share a scripture, bear testimony, have his son share his testimony and also share a video of Elder Holland's testimony (on our iPads Smiling face with smiling eyes) and by the end he was able to remember the testimony he already had. Definitely the coolest moment of the week! 

 We had 2 exchanges this week and I was able to learn a lot from some other missionaries from my zone. I can't believe this is already the last week of the transfer. We have 30 missionaries going home from our mission next week so transfers will be very hectic but the greatest
mission president, President D. Jack Snow will make the best out of it.

We had interviews this week and I love the time we have to study the scriptures and have time to talk with President and Sister Snow! They are the greatest! 

It got up to about 116 on the thermometer this week so it's a little uncomfortable to be outside but remember, "life is a beach party!"-Mont Tanner 
We taught sharing time in primary this week! It was about the Holy Ghost and when we asked them how not to have the Holy Ghost with us they said, "go to the strip" so that was good they knew that:) hahahaha

I'm very busy and tired but also very happy, that seems to be the theme of my mission.
Diligence = happiness
Family, I hope you are all having a fabulous time at Heaven on Earth aka Lake Powell! I mean you could be serving a mission but Lake Powell is pretty cool too I guess :) enjoy Padre Bay and Ethan try not to catch too many fish! 
I love you guys! 
 Elder Faldmo

Me and Elder Rockwood and the kids from one of the coolest families you'll ever meet.
The Daltons