Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015 Christmas Conferences, YSA success, and.....Thorne fell into a hot tub‏

Hey everyone here's just a quick update of how we're doing:
We had 3 Christmas Conferences this week. The first was all of the Henderson zones, then out of valley (Kingman/Lake Havasu Zone), then we finished the week off with the Las Vegas Zones 
President Snow, Elder Thorne & I in our matching ties, and Sister Snow
Elder Thorne and I trained at all of them on Revelation through Church attendance. We also had a guest appearance at all of them by Santa Snow and a talent show (our mission has the most talented missionaries btw)
We are teaching a lot of people and one of them is getting baptized at the end of this month. Her name is Mary and she's a foreign exchange student from Russia. She just got here a month ago so she's still learning English and culture. She lives with a member family and is going to BYU-I next fall! She's super prepared! We were teaching this guy by a pool this week. He was a little under the influence of alcohol. We got done with the lesson and Thorne takes a couple steps back forgetting that we are by a pool and splashes right into the hot tub.... 
He said he was just showing the guy how baptism works but I'm not buying it.  The drunk guy said he looked like a model after he got out who agrees??

Elder Faldmo
Me, Elder Thorne, Sister Snow, Sister Training Leaders & President Snow

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015 Raining Miracles...

Elder Thorne and I LOVE President Snow!!!
Things are going great here, Elder Thorne is a stud! He rains miracles all the time. We are having a lot of fun serving in a YSA Ward. We have a lot of RMs in our YSA Ward that are really good missionaries. We are teaching a lot of people that are our members friends right now
and that's how it's supposed to be! Our Ward is going to be constantly changing because of people leaving and coming at the end of every semester. We have a couple of UNLV athletes that are in our Ward that served missions that help us out a lot when they aren't busy with their athletic season.

Elder Thorne and I are very tired all the time. During weekly planning we were talking about some things and fell asleep...while we were talking! Yeah we don't sleep a lot. It's all good though!

We love being here right now, time is going by super fast so we're kinda just soaking this up! We feel super blessed to be companions right now! Everyone here is pumped for the BYU Vs. Utah game! Elder Thorne and I figured out we were both at the Las Vegas Bowl together when we were kids when BYU played Oregon!
Bowlers & Comps... Midwest Guys
President Snow took us bowling today!
Elder Faldmo

Friday, December 4, 2015

November 30, 2015....Giving Thanks for Great Things Happening in Vegas!

Happy Thanksgiving!
For Thanksgiving, we went to President Snow's house and Sister Snow cooked for us! Before and after our Thanksgiving meal we met for about 6 hours to discuss and come up with the 2016 Nevada Las Vegas Mission Vision. 
Our Planning for the Nevada Las Vegas Mission 2016... big plans!

It was cool to bounce off each other's revelation and come up with vision and plan for our missionaries and members in the valley for 2016!
Our post Thanksgiving Meal Meeting Mess with the Snows
Elder Thorne and I are starting to build up our area and are teaching some really cool people right now! One of them is named Andrew and he's down here in Vegas because he's one of the managers for Rand Paul's campaign for Nevada. He's a super smart guy and very sincere and understands everything really well. It's really fun to teach people like him!  On Saturday, Thorne had a baptism to go to from his last area so I needed a companion for a couple of hours so I got Will Edwards to help me out! And then the Clarks came to my sacrament meeting on Sunday and
Will Clark poked his head in but didn't see me so they left :(

I hope you all are doing great! Love ya!
Elder Faldmo

November 23, 2015 @mammafaldmo

Hey everyone sorry I didn't have any time to write today! We had meetings that went long.
But, our week was good! We're starting to get things rolling here in the young singles' ward and
are excited for all of the new people we are starting to teach! We had 3 back to back exchanges this week since it's only a 5 week transfer and so we have to squeeze in the exchanges around their interviews and the Christmas Conferences. One of them, I was in the
North Zone with my former companion Elder Rockwood. I love that guy!
Happy Birthday on Thanksgiving to my wonderful mother! I love you Mom! #RockinRobin
All is well here in Vegas! Happy Thanksgiving!
Let me know what ideas you have for me and Elder Thorne's Christmas Card!

Elder Faldmo