Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Abby & 'Merica! June 29, 2015

Hey Fam. 
First of all I want to wish my cute sister Abigail Faldmo a happy 18th birthday on Sunday! Stop growing up!
We had a great week again. 
One of the coolest lessons we had this week was with Paul. His kids are recently baptized and right as we started one of lessons this week he told us that his doctor told him some things about the church that he had never heard before. They were all false and he was really worried because he has been praying really hard for his answer and wasn't sure if that was an answer to his prayer or a test? We were able to resolve his concern and share a scripture, bear testimony, have his son share his testimony and also share a video of Elder Holland's testimony (on our iPads Smiling face with smiling eyes) and by the end he was able to remember the testimony he already had. Definitely the coolest moment of the week! 

 We had 2 exchanges this week and I was able to learn a lot from some other missionaries from my zone. I can't believe this is already the last week of the transfer. We have 30 missionaries going home from our mission next week so transfers will be very hectic but the greatest
mission president, President D. Jack Snow will make the best out of it.

We had interviews this week and I love the time we have to study the scriptures and have time to talk with President and Sister Snow! They are the greatest! 

It got up to about 116 on the thermometer this week so it's a little uncomfortable to be outside but remember, "life is a beach party!"-Mont Tanner 
We taught sharing time in primary this week! It was about the Holy Ghost and when we asked them how not to have the Holy Ghost with us they said, "go to the strip" so that was good they knew that:) hahahaha

I'm very busy and tired but also very happy, that seems to be the theme of my mission.
Diligence = happiness
Family, I hope you are all having a fabulous time at Heaven on Earth aka Lake Powell! I mean you could be serving a mission but Lake Powell is pretty cool too I guess :) enjoy Padre Bay and Ethan try not to catch too many fish! 
I love you guys! 
 Elder Faldmo

Me and Elder Rockwood and the kids from one of the coolest families you'll ever meet.
The Daltons

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