Monday, March 23, 2015

March 16, 2015 Fam Bam

Fam Bam!

What a great week do be in this dispensation yeah?

It's like that experiment where the scientist put ants in a jar and then put saran wrap over the jar and the ants couldn't get out... but when he took the saran wrap off, the ants didn't even try to get out cause they didn't think it was possible...  All I know is that the Lord is taking off the saran wrap in right now, especially in Vegas.

So yeah, lots of work to do here and so little time in the day.  I've never been more tired in my life but I'm learning the important skill on my mission of how to be effective while you are tired.  It's something that we all need to learn how to do. 

Monte Bello Ward is doing well and I love the 3 other missionaries in the ward.  Except for the fact that Elder Thorne kills me every morning with this workout that he has. (The "Thor" workout). I'm so thor #puns. 
Elder Thor is also trying to make me quit sugar and sweets and ice cream and I say ok then I have sugar anyway and he says to me, "Elder Faldmo, how can you expect your investigators to keep their commitments if you can't keep yours?" hahaha

We set a lot of people with baptismal dates this week and found a ton of new investigators! Elder Felix is the man and he is helping me out with my Spanish. 

We had a sweet "Why I Believe Fireside" last night with some awesome speakers.  One was one of my favorites elders…Elder Herrera. He joined the church a little over a year ago and now he's serving a mission! Makay (who I taught and baptized in Warm Springs) was there so that was good for her to hear since she wants to serve a mission!

I had to speak in sacrament meeting on Pascua yesterday aka Easter.  It was difficult cause Spanish ya know… but I love this time of year with Easter and general conference around the corner so it's all good! The Atonement is where it's at! Use it.

Elder Faldmo

My man Mike got baptized this week! Mike was a born and raised Southern Baptist from Missouri but the Book of Mormon changed his life! He reads it every day and after his baptism he gave a powerful testimony of how he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was the prophet of the Restoration! His son Lane is dating a member and will get baptized hopefully next month! Love these guys 

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