Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 6, 2015 It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Que pachuca por toluca?

First of I wanna give a shoutout to Missy Hughes cause it's her birthday! Happy Birthday Mrs. Hughes! 

Another good week here in the Central Stake of Las Vegas! The cherry on top was the amazing sessions of General Conference on Saturday and Sunday.  I heard a lot of "date and get married" to RMs and YSA so there's your que Ashley :)  I also loved Wilford W. Anderson's talk about the music and dancing of the gospel.  #idon'tdance 
Also I second what Quintin L. Cook said about the church never being stronger than right now! We are doing work right now! Nothing more exciting than being in a mission like the Nevada Las Vegas Mission in these times.  I still sometimes think how God really does have a sense of humor when he's trusted us 18, 19, 20+ year-olds with the growth of his church.  
Other things I liked include:
our post conference monte bello celebration
  • "R.M. means returned missionary not retired mormon" -Elder Ballard
  • "Come out from the wicked and be separate!" -Elder Sorres quoting Alma 
  • all of the talks in Spanish! 
Our temple walk went really well this week! A family came and we walked around with them and H.Y.P.E.d them up (How You Present Eternity) for their baptism next Saturday and got them thinking with an eternal perspective! Look up Alma 34:32 and D&C 78:7 for an eternal perspective. I'm lucky to be able to serve so close to the temple right now!
monte bello dream team after our temple walk
We hiked Sunrise Mountain this morning and it was the most steep hike of my entire life! So hard but a very good workout.  The view isn't as good as Timpanogos or anything in Zion but it will have to do.  
steepest hike of my life... great workout!
me and elder thorne at the top!
view of the las vegas valley
I hope y'all had a happy Easter! I'm grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and being able to share it with others during this time of year and this time of my life!  Like Boyd K. Packer said in conference, "the Atonement is personal."  No matter what we've done, the Atonement can turn our heartache into joy, and the hard times into fulfilling times. That really is what life is all about period. Let's use it more in our personal prayers, during the sacrament and the way we act, think and things we say.

Love you all! 

-Elder Faldmo

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