Monday, April 27, 2015

April 20, 2015 Monte Bellito‏

Como estan Cenicientes?!?

good good week in vegas!

we're teaching this awesome family of 6 who just moved in here from Oakland, CA.  We found them by contacting someone on the ward list who no one knew but that person moved and this family moved into their place! We left a restoration pamphlet and when we came back it was hung on their wall and they said they feel more peace in their home when it's there.  The dad said he had a Mormon friend in Oakland that he really liked so shoutout to Gustavo in Oakland for planting that seed!  

Krysta and MaKay, two of my recent converts from Warm Springs, came to lunch with Elder Felix and I and thank you fam for the package!!!! And then yesterday, we had the “Why I Believe” Fireside for the mission.  MaKay was one of the speakers and it was cool to hear her story of how she found faith through Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ and His church.  Then the next speaker was a new missionary from the South Side of Chicago who is 25 and is waiting for his visa to Brazil. He had a really cool story too! and then last but not least, one of the coolest ward mission leaders, Brother Browne from the Silverado ward spoke.  Great fireside with great speakers and musical numbers. 
Plus I got to see ELDER CHAMBERS there too! He's back from Bullhead everyone and is killing it in North Las Vegas. 

It sounds like you guys are doing awesome! Dad keep doing work in SC 2nd and shedding the pounds, Mom keep running around and being superwoman, Ashley keep searching for that someone, Abby enjoy the last weeks of HS, Maggie keep being miss perfect, and Sam keeping working hard bro!  Love you guys!

--Elder Faldmo

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