Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 15, 2016 ¿Que milanesas que no bisteses, ya pensaba que tú morongas?‏

It was a good week #2 here in the land Northward. We did everything we could to "...fortify against the Lamanites, from the west sea, even unto the east; it being a day’s journey for a Nephite, on the line which they had fortified and stationed their armies to defend their north country." (Helaman 4:7)

We went on 2 exchanges with 2 of the District Leaders in our zone and their companion's this week.  On one of these exchanges  I went with my MTC companion, Elder Bunch! If anyone has any questions about technology, ask him. He is going to make a lot of money doing whatever he's going to do after the mission. This is our first time serving in the same zone on our missions, so it was good to catch up and talk about the things we are going to do to finish strong.   We had a pretty cool experience with a family that we taught in my area. 

So we are teaching this guy named Luis who was in the Mexican Mafia. He has a pet pigeon. No we're not talking like President Monson owned pigeons, it's just a pigeon that came off the street. It doesn't even have a cage. But I've gotten used to it and we're buds now. 

Some other awesome people we are teaching are Maexdre & Ana. They are a mother and daughter and from Cuba. They came to church and loved it! Maexdre read all the way to Alma 5 in 3 days. Then, on her own terms, she drove to the temple to look at it! 

All in all, things are going great! I love serving with Smitty and we are having a fun time getting Spanish back up to speed!

Have a great week!
Elder Faldmo
This is my companion Elder Smith with a savila plant a lady randomly gave us after we knocked on her

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