Sunday, November 15, 2015


Just me and my cous Jordy
Eldorado/Lake Mead Zone Conference
Another great week in Vegas! A lot of good things are happening now in our area and in the mission!

First and foremost, CARTER FURLONG, congrats on getting baptized! Of course, when I go on my mission, my friends start getting baptized :)

We had two Zone Conferences, one was a combined one with the North Zone and the Central/Sunrise Zone so I saw E. Chambers and Rockwood there! The other one was in the Eldorado/Lake Mead zone which is the zone that Elder Thorne and Wasden are the zone leaders for.

I got to see one of my best buds and cousins Jordan Hurst this weekend! She was in town for her friend's wedding and she took Elder Sawyer and I out to lunch. She filled me in good on all of the John & Beth Hurst Bunch news. I love you Jordy!

Melisa is the young single mom that we are teaching, and she is going to be baptized on the 31st! Krysta has been a super good fellowshipper for her, even though she's not in our Ward but they were both in the same situation before their baptism so they can relate to each other
really well!

Also, this lady at church who has been coming the last few weeks came up to us at church and asked us to be baptized! We thought she was a less active member who just started to come back but apparently she grew up in the church but somehow was never baptized.

Love you all! if you're a leader or a parents or a human or anything, go read Moses and Abraham and think about leadership and how Heavenly Father leads! President Snow told me and Elder Sawyer to do that about a month ago and it's changed my life!
"It's not about what you can do, it's about what you can do through others!" -President Snow

Elder Faldmo

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