Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015 Sawldmo...

President Snow making sure we still take in some of the terrain that's a part of of the 
Nevada Las Vegas Mission!
Hey Fam!
First off Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents, David Norman and Robin Hurst Faldmo. I'm grateful for your height! I love you! It was your wedding anniversary and my year anniversary in Vegas this week!

We saw a ton of miracles this week and are seeing a lot of blessings right now. The Bermuda Ward is on fire right now! Sunday was a pretty crazy day. We had a ton of investigators show up to church! Elder Sawyer & I taught Gospel Principles and the topic was The Signs of the 2nd Coming. One of our investigators named Jacqui that is really fun to teach but hard cause she has so many questions, anyway, she  commented in class and told us she wanted to be baptized! She raised her hand after another member was sharing about their experience when they were baptized and said, "Alright, I'm convinced! I'm ready!" Later we were talking about missionary work and asked the class how many of them are converts and she said, "I almost am!"

Also, a random family of 5 walked into church and said that they want to be taught so we are starting to teach them tonight!

This older lady named Leona just moved here from California and she said she wanted to find church again. She told herself that she would go to the first church she saw when she got here and the first church she saw was the chapel down the road from our chapel. She walked into
church last Sunday and the missionaries in that Ward taught her this week but she lives in our boundaries so we taught her last night and she's a hoot. She is one of the most fun people to teach on my mission. She asked us what sacrifices she had to make to be baptized and we talked about the Word of Wisdom and she said, "no coffee or tea?" And we said nope. Then she said, "dang, but can I still have my kool-aid? I need me some sugar still!" Yes Leona, you can have kool-aid.

We also started teaching this kid named Jake this week. His friend Robert, who is a member in another Ward invited him to church a few weeks ago and then invited him to listen to us! We taught him the restoration this week and he will be baptized in September! Robert is going on a mission in September too so hopefully he will be able to baptize him before he goes. Jake said that that would be good for him to prepare Robert for his mission so he can get used to it haha I went on exchanges this week with Elder Chase Carroll. He's from Gilbert, AZ and went to high school with cousin Kenzie Hurst! He goes home in a week so he said he will take pictures at her farewell for me :) we're excited for you Kenzie!

I also went on exchanges with Elder Rockwood this week in my last area! It was fun to teach some of the same people that we taught together there last transfer.

S/o to President and Sister Snow for taking us to Hoover Dam this morning! Besides the fact that it reminded me of Lake Powell it was really fun! (I'll send pics later) Also to Sylvia for giving a killer talk on Sunday at church yesterday I heard!
Elder Sawyer and I sporting our shirt given to us by our Ward Mission Leader.
Overlook at Hoover Dam with Elder Sawyer and the Sister Training Leaders

Love you all! Keep sending me pics of all of your great adventures!

Elder Faldmo

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