Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 3, 2015 Miracles and Scorpions...

We had a bunch of great things happen this week!
President Snow and I with a new missionary from the Philippines, Elder Balajadia, that just arrived to our mission!

Yesterday we found another golden family. They just moved here from Carlsbad, CA. They have had LDS friends in the past and have gone to different churches but never found the right one. We were knocking on a door in their apartment complex and they saw us outside their window
and the mom sent her son out to try and talk to us but we left too quick. To try and track us down, they looked up the temple and called it but it was closed for cleaning so they thought they'd never be able to talk to us. Then, later in the day, the oldest daughter went to the
laundromat and on the floor she found a tattered Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet with the number of the Singles' Ward Sister Missionaries on in and called them. Then the sisters called us and we called the family and went over that night. When we went over, they
told us this whole story and then today they came to church and loved it! After church, the mom didn't want to come out of Relief Society because she didn't want her kids to see her cry. It was really good weekend to say the least. They now have a baptismal date and are excited to continue to learn!

On Tuesday, we were getting into our car and Elder Sawyer sits down in the drivers seat and he felt something on his back and thought it was his seat being really hot and burning him-- summers in Vegas! So, he leans forward and reaches back to feel the back part of his seat and something else hurt his finger and so he gets out of the car and we look and there's nothing there so we go to our next stop. When we go to get back in the car, on the mat there's a scorpion sitting there! It was on my side so I freaked out!!! Then we tried and catch it and it got away in the cracks of the seat, but we had an appointment to go to so we had to get in the car! So for the rest of the day, I was sitting in my seat, scared to death that the scorpion would get me or run up my pants or something. Then at the end of the night, we went to a guy in our Ward who is an exterminator. He sprayed our car for us. The next morning the scorpion was dead on the floor so we got it! Now it's the mascot in our apartment.
So, I hate scorpions but I LOVE snakes:) This one belongs to someone we are teaching.

I love you all! Keep up the good work!

Elder Faldmo

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