Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 28, 2016 La Pascua‏

Happy Easter everyone!

So most wards have a special sacrament meeting planned out for Easter and all the bells and whistles ready to go. For our Ward they didn't have anything so in Ward council yesterday on Easter Sunday, they told us we had to speak because they didn't have anyone else. So yeah I don't really know what I said but I talked for 15 minutes about the resurrection. It was pretty cool
because I was able to share my experience and testimony about knowing how the resurrection was real. From experiences at Grandpa Ross' funeral and also another funeral of a young boy here on my mission Heavenly Father has let me know through His Spirit that our bodies and
our spirits will actually come together again and be glorified, perfected beings. It's a step that we will be able to take to be able to become that much more like our Father in heaven. It's a pretty wonderful truth that we have a full knowledge of thanks to the restoration.

Elder Merrill my companion is a boss and it's a lot of fun to serve with him. We are teaching some pretty special people right now so I hope we have a big April to follow up with what we did in March. North Las Vegas is the place to be and there are a ton of miracles happening every day.
We just have to want them, pray for them and most importantly WORK for them. "Work, work, work, there is no satisfactory substitute, especially in missionary work." -Ezra Taft Benson

I'm so grateful for my mission and the opportunity I have to grow in so many different ways every day. I'm starting to learn to see every situation/problem/weakness as a opportunity rather than an obligation. We just need to realize what we're thinking about when our effort is low. When effort is low it's probably because we see things as an obligation rather than an opportunity to grow into what God wants us to be. The way we think about things in our life is everything.

I hope March Madness is going well and all of your brackets are busted and Remember everyone when you're shopping to "See Hurst First" :)

Here's a picture of me with another ceramic donkey.

Elder Faldmo

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