Friday, December 4, 2015

November 30, 2015....Giving Thanks for Great Things Happening in Vegas!

Happy Thanksgiving!
For Thanksgiving, we went to President Snow's house and Sister Snow cooked for us! Before and after our Thanksgiving meal we met for about 6 hours to discuss and come up with the 2016 Nevada Las Vegas Mission Vision. 
Our Planning for the Nevada Las Vegas Mission 2016... big plans!

It was cool to bounce off each other's revelation and come up with vision and plan for our missionaries and members in the valley for 2016!
Our post Thanksgiving Meal Meeting Mess with the Snows
Elder Thorne and I are starting to build up our area and are teaching some really cool people right now! One of them is named Andrew and he's down here in Vegas because he's one of the managers for Rand Paul's campaign for Nevada. He's a super smart guy and very sincere and understands everything really well. It's really fun to teach people like him!  On Saturday, Thorne had a baptism to go to from his last area so I needed a companion for a couple of hours so I got Will Edwards to help me out! And then the Clarks came to my sacrament meeting on Sunday and
Will Clark poked his head in but didn't see me so they left :(

I hope you all are doing great! Love ya!
Elder Faldmo

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