Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015 Raining Miracles...

Elder Thorne and I LOVE President Snow!!!
Things are going great here, Elder Thorne is a stud! He rains miracles all the time. We are having a lot of fun serving in a YSA Ward. We have a lot of RMs in our YSA Ward that are really good missionaries. We are teaching a lot of people that are our members friends right now
and that's how it's supposed to be! Our Ward is going to be constantly changing because of people leaving and coming at the end of every semester. We have a couple of UNLV athletes that are in our Ward that served missions that help us out a lot when they aren't busy with their athletic season.

Elder Thorne and I are very tired all the time. During weekly planning we were talking about some things and fell asleep...while we were talking! Yeah we don't sleep a lot. It's all good though!

We love being here right now, time is going by super fast so we're kinda just soaking this up! We feel super blessed to be companions right now! Everyone here is pumped for the BYU Vs. Utah game! Elder Thorne and I figured out we were both at the Las Vegas Bowl together when we were kids when BYU played Oregon!
Bowlers & Comps... Midwest Guys
President Snow took us bowling today!
Elder Faldmo

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