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My Mission Experience... September 21, 2015

I will try and send a bigger email about my week later!

Hey guys, so last Monday in our meeting with President was one of the most spiritual experiences I've had on my mission. He gave us his report of the conference with all of the other mission presidents and their wives in the SW Area of the U.S. Elder Robbins, Corbridge, & Foster of the Seventy were all there. Elder Foster trained on leadership and empowering missionaries and people in our stewardship. He told the story from Harold B. Lee when Pres Lee was working in the worldwide banking industry. To pick a new president, they sent the top 3 executives out of their area or division to work in a different area or division. Whoever had the former area that thrived and had the most success after they left was chosen to be the new president. President Snow elaborated on that and told us, "As a leader, it's not about what you can do, it's about what you can do through others." Elder Foster said, "it's easier to run a mission than it is to inspire one." Who cares if as an individual we have the greatest missionary skills in the world or are the the best at something or get the most baptisms. If we can't get the rest of the missionaries to do the same, we are failing. Obviously everyone has agency but this applies to all aspects of life. Dad, it applies to your Ward mission team. Mom, it applies to your college students and Young Women. Grandma and Jason, it applies to all of Hurst General Stores Inc.

Other key points and knowledge given by President Snow include:

-Building Relationships is SO important Here in our mission we call them coalitions but the skill of being able to earn someone's trust so that they will do pretty much anything to help you is a huge part of leadership and a skill I have been pounding
on myself to try and master. I compare this to any type of coach. A good coach will take the skills that his player has and magnify them so that everyone is being used for what they are good at. In all of my wards I need to know the skills of all of my members to match them up with people we are teaching. I need to know what they do for work and also their work schedule so I know when they usually are available to come out with us.
The 4 keys to building relationships according to Elder Foster are:
1.) never gossip
2.) always express love
3.) share feelings (and I might add to that have robust dialogue when needed)
4.) feed the fish (always give spiritual food)

-the brethren care about us missionaries a great deal
President Snow talked about how much love he felt from the 3 men from the Seventy who visited our mission. He also referred back to Elder Quentin L. Cook's quote from about a year ago. He said, "The SW U.S. area is the most important
area in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." It is the most concentrated area in the whole world with Priesthood holders. The average ratio for Melchizedek
Priesthood holders for the world is 20 to 1 but here it is 8.8 to one. The Lord is putting more holders here to fulfill those important callings in Wards and Stakes than anywhere else to help it grow and grow and grow.

President Snow closed with a quote that is very sacred to me and something that hit me pretty hard. "I don't think that this is by accident to be here in this mission at this time. You were chosen to come here at this time to be valiant missionaries in this area in this, the Nevada Las Vegas mission."

And if I might add to President Snow's quote to say that it is no accident that he & Sister Snow are here either.
Can you find me?  This was everyone at the mid 12 week training...

I'm grateful to be here in this mission at this time. I'm trying to soak up all of the learning I can before these 2 years are up.

Thank you for all of the support and prayers.


Elder Faldmo

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