Monday, September 14, 2015

September 7, 2015 MLC, Baptisms, Tanner Mangum, & Steph Curry

Family!  This week was grand!
This is Kerry Wilson in the picture on the left of Elder Sawyer and I
First of all, Kerry Wilson & Jake Summers were baptized on Saturday. Kerry walked into the church about a month ago and was all in with the church and wanted to be baptized. He taught ballroom dancing at BYU in the 80s and is surprised he didn't join back then. He is originally from Australia and has one of the coolest accents ever!

Jake Summers has became one of my best friends over the past month or so. We met him through his friend, Robert, who is leaving this Wednesday for his mission in Virginia. Robert's dad is the 2nd counselor in our mission presidency. Jake is probably one of the most humble guys know and just wants to learn and do what is right. He will be going to Chicago in February to enter into the Navy! Hey mom and dad we're going to visit him when I get home ok? He got baptized on Saturday too! He wanted Called to Serve to be the closing song at
his baptism cause he loves missionary work! He already has given a Book of Mormon to his friend. 
Elder Sawyer, Robert, Jake and me... So great to be a part of teaching this great guy!

 We had MLC this week where all of the Zone Leaders and STLs come and we have trainings and discuss some things about the mission and Elder Sawyer & I gave a training called "Get Outta the Boat!" It was about leadership and we compared it to the qualities of the Apostle and leader Peter when he chose to "get outta the boat" and walk on water with the Savior. We related it to being mission leaders and doing everything we can to help out stewardship progress as missionaries. Get outta the boat people! Walk on water and when needed ask the
Savior for help!

We found a super solid family on Saturday. They are really prepared and told us that we were a sign from God. It's a single mom with 4 kids. We're really excited to keep teaching them!

I had a amazing experience fasting this week. I gained a stronger testimony of how powerful fasting is. I know we can receive a ton of revelation through fasting and a lot of extra strength from God through obedience to this law. When Moses received the 10 commandments
(which was revelation) it was while he was fasting. I love the law of the fast!

I also went on exchanges with Elder Thorne! He's a stud and a super hard worker. It's crazy that our sisters are friends now too!

Ok tender mercy of the week:
We were walking in this apartment complex on Saturday and this guy recognized us as Mormons and swings open his door and says, "hey guys come in here!" So we go in his apartment and he showed us a replay of the last play of the BYU Nebraska game! He wasn't interested in
listening to us but I'm sure the Lord will bless him for telling us to come inside his apartment at that moment :)

I also met a Steph Curry look alike this week! I'll send a pic.

I love you all!!

Elder Faldmo

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