Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4, 2015 FAM

hello everyone i've ran out of first sentences to say in my email about how much i love my mission and so forth. so yeah, hi. 

My Spanish is taking bigger and bigger strides each week thanks to my comp elder Felix! He's so patient with me and I owe him a lot! I'm probably learning too much slang but it's fine. 

they aren't gang signs... CS baby!

We are teaching the 9-year old son of a less active lady in our ward that we are reactivating and he is going to get baptized this Saturday! Also the big family of 7 will be baptized the following week.  They are doing great!  In Elders quorum I was sitting by Juan, the dad of the family and the discussion was on the Priesthood and I was a little worried because that's kinda a big subject for someone when it's only their 2nd Sunday and church but during the discussion he commented that he already had a testimony of the Priesthood when Elder Felix and I gave his son a blessing a few weeks ago.  It’s so cool how the Spirit is always there to help a brother out.  
My buddy Javier got his mission call to Oklahoma City this week!!! Javier is one of the coolest guys I've met. He joined the church about 3 years ago because his friend invited him to a mutual activity and he's the only member in his family.  So it was a cool experience to see the mom and sister who is not a member get excited for him.

I downloaded some sweet talks and devotionals and one of them was from Brian Santiago from a BYU Devotional and of course the story he talked about at the beginning had to do with Lake Powell. The other talks were "Our 4 Minutes" by Bishop Stevenson  "Can ye Feel so Now" by Quinton L. Cook and "The first Great commandment" by Holland (in spanish).  Don't be too busy to study the scriptures AND conference talks cause those are scripture too.   

I really thought my boy Pacquiao was going to KO Mayweather at the MGM on Saturday but it didn't happen.  All of the people in our area were watching the fight on Saturday night so it was hard to proselyte but it's all good. I love how Latinos know how to have a great pachanga!    

We had a sweet Zone Training Council on Saturday and right now if y'all haven't heard the Central/Sunrise Zone (CS) is cooking!!!  I love being able to be in the best mission, with the best mission president (D. Jack Snow), and having had the best companions.  We are putting a KO on Satan right now if you're catching what i'm throwing...

Love you thanks for the apoyo!!!! 


Elder Faldmo

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