Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 16, 2016 ISAID

My friend Isaid was able to get baptized this past Saturday! I am so grateful for the opportunity o had to teach him. I wrote most of his story in his last email. He just loves everything about the church and loves learning. I've learned from him that humility is the key to progress. Dallin H. Oaks said, "the quality we must cultivate is humility. Humility is the great protector." He is always humble and hungry to learn more. His wife and kids will hopefully be able to get here in about 2 months from Juarez! Another cool thing about his baptism was that he was baptized by Hermano Guerrero, a convert that was taught by Elder Thorne when he was in this Ward! 
Looks like comp unity for Tstroke and faldy30 never wares off :)

On Saturday in the morning we went to an elementary school to do service. The parents all scheduled and registered their kids and so we translated for them because our neighborhood is literally Mexico and none of the parents speak English.

I love El Rancho! It's the greatest Spanish Ward and it's about to be El Rancho Stake!

Here's us and Isaid and our young buck WML Sergio at Isaid's baptism.

Sergio is the second greatest WML behind Dave Faldmo:)

Love you all!
Elder Isaac Faldmo

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