Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 4, 2015 DRIZZY DRAKE

What's up everybody??  we've had a pretty great past 2 weeks!
We rolled out the 2016 mission vision at MLC this week. President Snow played "Started from the Bottom" by Drake at the end of the presentation and threw on a KC Royals hat and the whole room went nuts. It might have been the greatest moment of my mission so far.
Reason #472657 why President Snow is the coolest mission president out there. 
I thought Elder Chambers was going to flip a table and Rockwood was going to pass out. It's a pretty fun time in the mission right now. There's a ton of work being done here. We're reaching
new heights here in the NLVM! We're just trying to #elevate our way to Tier 3 missionary work here in Las Vegas!

Mary got baptized on New Years Day! She's a foreign exchange student from Russia and is still working on her English but it's been cool to see her progress in the Gospel through trials in her life. Her host family are all members and she's going to go to BYUI next fall.
Elder Thorne, Mary's host family and me

I grew a lot spiritually in 2015 and I'm excited to keep progressing here in 2016! It's time!
Let's get to work!

Elder Faldmo

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