Monday, June 15, 2015

Hiiii! June 8, 2015

Hey guys I swear I just emailed you yesterday!
This is going by so fast! Oh every other missionary says the same thing in their emails too? oh ok. 

S/O to @mammafaldmo for sending me the Lake Powell calendar and Yonanas.  You're my favorite mom!

It was a week of spiritual growth for me and I loved it.   We had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and so I was able to see Elder Chambers and some other buds there! I learned so much from President Snow and the APs.
Me and Elder Chambers reunited again... My companion Elder Rockwood on the left and his on the right. 

President Snow gave a training on "Expanding your Practice."  For those of you who don't know, President Snow was one of the big dogs at Albertsons before he was a mission president so he compared the leadership of a business to leadership in a mission and also using our ward councils effectively.  He's a genius! Grandma Julie and Uncle Jason should've been there! 

We received our iPads this week.  Yes, they actually came and they are so useful! They APs gave a really good training on using them wisely.  I can already tell that having them on my mission will help me for the rest of my life in using technology! I'm starting to get away from bad habits and develop good ones. If you want a sweet app go download "LDS Pamphlets" on the app store! 

Many of you might have heard the sad story of Austen Russell.  He was the 9 year old boy who died in a tragic accident a little over a week ago… right after I got to this area. His funeral was on Saturday.  I didn't know Austen and I don't know his family personally.  They live is our neighborhood but in a different ward.  Austen, from what it sounds like, is a replica of my little brother Sam.  His young life was absorbed with playing and watching sports and being the stud on his team.  He was an avid BYU fan and many BYU stars have tweeted and sent encouraging messages to his family including Jimmer.  Saturday was one of the hardest days and also one of my most grateful days on my mission because of the funeral.  I couldn't even imagine losing Sam and in the way that it happened.  It was amazing to see the mother and the father of Austen get up and talk and bear testimony of the plan of salvation to a congregation that was more than 50% non-LDS.  It was very very hard for me to sit through when Austen's 2 older brothers got up and shared memories they had with Austen playing sports in their yard and practicing with Austen.  I love you Samuel John!

Just think if we didn't have the knowledge that we have of eternal families, of the restoration of the priesthood power to seal families in the temple, and of what will happen after this life.  Also later that night, the Spirit again confirmed to me that the Book of Mormon is completely true and Joseph Smith restored all of these truths on the earth in these the last days.  I know it's all true.

Elder Faldmo

just some more thoughts from vegas.

i love all of the families in our ward.  our bishop, the one that played for coach wagner at byu hawaii has a grandma who taught our uncle bruce in high school!!!!

there's one family, the Dalton family who is one of my favorites too! they are like a combination of the clarks and the poulsens.  sister dalton is like our second mom out here.  her oldest is 12 and she is like maggie and they also have  4 boys who are all younger. one who is 10 named Ty and would be really good friends with Sam.  

Me and Elder Rockwood and the Sister Training Leaders for our Zone after a meeting.

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