Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 20, 2014

Hello friends and family!! Happy P-Day!
-So this week was absent from Brother Loveland who had probably a rough week on vacation in Lake Tahoe. He stayed at the same timeshare that we stayed at for the Faldmo Family Reunion a few years back! This week during lunch we get a call and he tells us, "Remember how about a month ago when I went to Idaho and I left that box of snacks for you guys?.... I've don't it again!"  hahaha so we were taken care of this week still even though he wasn't here #spoiledmissionaries.  also, on Thursday, all four of us received post cards that he sent us from Lake Tahoe! Brother Loveland is the man.
-Interviews with President Snow this week!!! If you all didn't hear yet, we have the greatest mission President ever.  We did a little scripture study first with him and then he shared some really amazing things from his SW Area Mission President's Training.  Presiding at it was Elder Quintin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles who told them, "I feel impressed to share that the SW Area of North America is the most important part of North America." (for the work)  Then President Snow told us, "Since being in the military a lot of my life, I know that you don't send your 2nd string troops to your most important battle." and that the Nevada Las Vegas Mission by far exceeds all of the other missions in the SW region.  He said, "it is sobering to think of all of the places I could've been sent, I was sent here."  After hearing that, it made me more motivated to work even harder.  My interview with the President was amazing.  He is such a kind and loving man.  He asked about all of my family and really cares about all of his missionaries. 
-Elder Taylor (in my district in MTC) and his companion Elder Anderson are in an area right next to ours called Los Feliz.  One of their investigators named Maria recently moved right near the LoveShack down the road.  She is amazing.  He had to move because her husband was very cruel to her and so all four of us missionaries went to help her move out and her husband would barely let her take anything.  He started cussing us out in Spanish.  So now she is a single mom, raising 4 children all under the age of 8. Our ward is so amazing.  One family brought them some food and another is going to give them some clothes.  Only her oldest daughter would go to Primary yesterday so she was wrestling with the 3 others in Gospel Principles.  She is in a very tough situation but is putting so much faith in Jesus Christ and His church to get through it.  She is going to be baptized this Thursday!!!!
-Hermano Quezada is the man.  He gets us Slurpees from 7/11 after every time he goes out with us.  His son, Baru, just left for his mission in Long Beach!
-It's always nice when a member comes up to you after night church and says, "get in my car I will go with you to visit people until the end of the night."  last night, we found 4 new investigators and had 2 lessons with him in 40 minutes! Hermano Suarez is the man. He told me he wants to move to St. George one time on splits and i'm like, me too me too.
-this is the last week of this transfer! On Saturday I will see if I am staying here and Rivas is going, or vise versa, or if we are both staying or going. I really hope to stay here! I love El Rancho!
Love you family and friends! Wherever you are, we are all connected by having the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ on the Earth.
con amor,
Elder Faldmo

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