Monday, September 22, 2014

september 22, 2014 Dia del Espanidad!

Buenos dias famila!

Shoutout to Abby for being a stud at HC this week! the last ground-breaking i was apart of was at the Winter Quarters Temple. 
Another shoutout to Sam for being a stud on the football field!
Cougars are 4-0 say what? Don't ask how I know that.
We had a wedding this week! Juan Gomez and Angelica got married on Saturday.  They are the deaf couple that we teach with a translator, Brother O'Brien.  It was awesome! Angelica has already been baptized but was less-active and now they are both active and amazing and Juan is getting baptized this Saturday! Teaching them has been one of the cooler experiences on my mission.  I will send pictures later today when I am at the Stake Center.
We struggled helping people get to church this week.  The same thing happens a lot where they say they are coming and then for some reason Sunday at 1:00 or at 7:00 means they have a million other things to do. 
Friday was the ward "Dia del Espanidad" party. (video will be sent later today) It is where all of the Spanish cultures have their own day of celebration together.
This random couple stopped us on the street one day and asked us if we knew of a minister who could marry them.  They asked how much we wanted and we said how the church does it for free and all they have to pay for is for the legal marriage license and they got really excited. 
We got a new missionary from Miami this week in our ward.  His name is Elder Rincon.  He slept on the same bed i did at the CCM so we have a bond haha. He is an awesome guy.  He made a trio with Elder Monreal and Elder Branham. 
So yes, all is well here in Sin City. The rule Elder Rivas and I have at night on some streets is that we have to keep moving cause these 3 guys almost mugged us one night haha but we are fast bikers so don’t worry. 
We usually get 2 flat tires a week cause there is glass everywhere here on the street sides.

How is the work coming in the Siouxland Area? Thats awesome to hear that Abby had some people come to church last Sunday!

I love you guys! Hope you have a great week!
Con Amor,

Elder Faldmo

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